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MLK: Feel-good learning and activity book - Volume 2

Creativity is at the backbone of our MLK project. Our kids love playing imaginative games, and through the process, they have inspired us to follow a similar path of creative expression. 

Children can jump leaps and bounds in a few note-worthy areas through the art of play. Whether their medium is chalk, crayons, textas, glue, sparkles or paper and scissors, creative expression has numerous developmental benefits. 

Some of these benefits include:

  • learning how to problem-solve creatively

  • increasing their self-confidence in articulating their ideas 

  • improving their hand-eye coordination

  • helping establish concentration

  • encouragement of visual analysis and expression

  • fine motor skill development

To sum up, creative arts and craft activities encourage self-expression and decision-making, and in turn, we wanted to create something that would help kids work on these skills whilst having fun. 

Learning should feel good, so we developed Volume 2 of a series of printable activity sheets for you and your little ones to work through together. Embracing the art of play.

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MLK: Feel-good learning and activity book - Volume 2

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